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Thank you for choosing Magicalgolf.com for booking your golf vacation in Myrtle Beach. Magicalgolf is a owned and operated by DG Golf Management, which owns and operates The Witch, The Man O War and The Wizard Golf Courses. We have been selling our golf courses on-line at www.mysticalgolf.com for almost two years and our guests have enjoyed the ease of booking through this service. Since our guests were so pleased with this on-line service, we went to some of our friends in the golf business and ask them to join our on-line booking service. The courses listed are some of the best in the Market Place and we recommend them highly to you.

DG Golf Management has been in the golf business in Myrtle Beach since 1989, when we opened The Witch, a 4 1/2 star rated course by Golf Digest. We opened The Man O War and The Wizard in 1995. You can purchase a tee time on-line with confidence as our excellent business reputation speaks loudly in this market place. If you should have any questions, please email us at info@magicalgolf.com.

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Myrtle Beach Golf Tee Times and Myrtle Beach Golf Packages from Magical Golf. And we have even more with tee times and golf packages from within The Grand Strand region of South Carolina including Conway, Little River and more. Plus, now we've included parts of North Carolina too!